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10.10.2018, 14:12

Systems Administrator (m/f) – in Munich

Our client EQS is a leading provider of digital solutions for Investor Relations (IR), Communications and Compliance. Their unique cloud-based product “EQS COCKPIT” is a comprehensive solution that supports over 8.000 companies worldwide in distributing corporate news, press releases and regulatory reporting through a worldwide financial newswire – all while fulfilling disclosure obligations. EQS also offers other products such as corporate websites, digital reports, mobile apps and IR Websites and tools. With its strong expansion plans, international presence in 15 major cities worldwide and market dominance, it is an exciting time to become part of the EQS team.

Systems Administrator (m/f) – in Munich

As a Systems Administrator you will work in a 10-person team on very diverse and interesting projects. Because EQS has a highly modern IT Infrastructure, you can get your hands dirty with modern technologies such as Docker, Ansible, Terraform and AWS all in a Linux environment. Tasks include monitoring the site stability and performance, scaling the infrastructure and ensuring the system and network security. You will also work on security fixes, patches, troubleshooting site issues, installing and configuring servers. Now is an exciting time to join the EQS team, the possibilities are endless.

What we are looking for („must have“)
· Several years of Linux or UNIX system administration experience
· Good understanding of fundamental technologies like TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP
· Experience with web server configuration (Nginx, Apache)
· Proficient in using MySQL
· Solid experience with monitoring, trending, high availability and backups

What we are looking for („nice to have“)
· Experience with elastic search
· Configuration management of servers with Ansible

What you can expect from our client
· A great working environment in an international team
· Opportunity to use the most innovative and modern technologies in interesting projects
· Participation in trainings and conferences
· Flexible work-time and a modern office about a 5-minute walk from the Munich main train station
· Interesting benefits such as the employee stock option („My EQS Share Plan“)
· Sport offerings and four company events per year

We look forward to your application at our Website:…s%20und%20Foren

Mr. Cody Nickol would be happy to answer any questions you may have: Tel. +49 30 809333412

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