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03.03.2016, 11:05

Solaris and Linux System Engineer in Darmstadt

Solaris and Linux System Engineer in Darmstadt

On behalf of our client we are looking for an IT
Administartor / IT support (m/w) for a data centre. The position is based in
Darmstadt and initial contract is one year.

installation and configuration of operating system and
other software, tuning of operating systems parameters to optimize performance

analysis, planning and performance of Hardware (HW)
and Software (SW) upgrades or reconfigurations, taking care of compatibility
issues between subsystems

monitoring of the system performance, investigation
into HW and system SW problems and performance of the relevant corrective

ensuring that in case of HW or system SW failures the
operational configuration can be restored, including the definition,
maintenance, performance of backup procedures

liaison with the external providers of HW and system
SW maintenance for the request and follow up of maintenance interventions

administration and installation of databases,
administration of user accounts

support to SW development and maintenance in relation
to the utilization of system resources

implementation and maintenance of scripts and/or
procedures where applicable for the automated and/or controlled execution of
the above activities, generation or update of technical documentation in
relation to system upgrades

provision of stand-by/on-call support, provision of
support, as required, to critical operations

In the performance of the activities the key person
shall apply the relevant change control and maintenance procedures.


In addition to having a university degree in computer
science (or equivalent), the

extensive experience in the administration and
troubleshooting of distributed systems. The experience should have been made in
an operational or production environment.

Solaris, Linux (RedHat or SLES)

High Availability software Sun Cluster and Veritas

Sun QFS and SAM-QFS software in HA cluster

IT System design skills

Preparation of technical documentation in English in a
complete and clear manner. Experience with the

The working language for the position is English and
therefore the candidate must be able to work effectively in this language

Please forward your CV
to Tom Sander
or apply with
If you have any further questions please do not
hesitate to contact Mr. Tom Sander.

Good to know you J

Randstad Deutschland

[font=&quot]Otto - Hesse - Str.

[font=&quot]64283 Darmstadt[/font]

[font=&quot] [/font]

[font=&quot]T +49 6151 4930716[/font]

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