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31.01.2008, 21:40

Linux Cheat Sheets (awk, ed, sed, bash, screen, und mehr)

(Es tut mir sehr leid! Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache :( Ich schreibe diesen Post auf Englisch, ok?)

While learning various linux tools in the past, I made several cheat sheets to speed up the learning process. Recently I decided to put them on my blog.

Here is a link to all the cheat sheets on my blog:
cheat sheets at catonmat (my blog)

They include:
* awk (awk, nawk and gawk) programming language cheat sheet,
* sed, unix stream editor, cheat sheet,
* ed, interactive unix text editor, cheat sheet,
* perl's special variable cheat sheet,
* perl's pack/unpack and printf/sprintf function cheat sheet,
* screen vt100 terminal emulator cheat sheet,
* bash vi editing mode (readline) cheat sheet, and
* bash emacs editing mode cheat sheet.

Sagen Sie mir, was Sie denken! Ich hoffe, Sie finden cheat sheets nützliche!

ps. I have 5-10 more to publish, if you are interested, check back and possibly subscribe to my posts via rss feed :)

Peteris Krumins
P.Krumins -- good coders code, great reuse!

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19.02.2008, 16:43

Hi all! I just wrote a another article with a cheat sheet. It's called "The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History". This tutorial teaches you how to quickly retrieve and modify commands you executed previously.

It starts by reviewing the keyboard shortcuts for history retrieval in emacs and vi editing modes, then it covers the commands for listing and erasing the history, then it goes into discussing history expansion mechanism - event designators, word designators and their modifiers. Finally the guide lists variables and options to modify the default history behavior.

The cheat sheet comes in PDF, Plain Text ASCII and LaTeX:
P.Krumins -- good coders code, great reuse!

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04.12.2008, 03:47

Hi all, again! :)

I just published another article that comes with a cheat sheet.
In this article I implemented various set operations by using awk, comm, sort, uniq, diff, join, head, tail, and other Unix utilities.

The article explains 14 various set operations:
* Set Membership.
* Set Equality.
* Set Cardinality.
* Subset Test.
* Set Union.
* Set Intersection.
* Set Complement.
* Set Symmetric Difference.
* Power Set.
* Set Cartesian Product.
* Disjoint Set Test.
* Empty Set Test.
* Minimum.
* Maximum.

The article can be read here: Set Operations in Unix Shell

And the cheat sheets can be downloaded here:
* ASCII .txt format: setops.txt
* PDF format (.pdf): setops.pdf

What do you think about it?
P.Krumins -- good coders code, great reuse!

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